Parks should stay free from commercial reach 

I oppose the Recreation and Park Department’s decision to permit food trucks in Dolores Park. This is not a realistic solution to our budget problem. The City expects to get between $12,000 and $35,000 a year from the food trucks. Rec and Park’s share of the budget deficit is $7 million. This isn’t a debate about money; it’s a debate about priorities for the use of our open space.

I love food carts, but I also love enjoying parks free from commercial business. Like Muni, our parks are rare places where The City’s rich, poor and middle class all mingle. If Dolores Park needs tacos so bad, can’t we just reserve a couple of parking spaces on Dolores Street and park the truck at the curb like any other food truck?

Jeremy Pollock, San Francisco


Top cop a top choice

Ken Garcia’s Thursday column on Mayor Ed Lee’s choice of Greg Suhr as police chief hit all the right notes. Garcia gives Chief Suhr credit for his long, honorable career as a San Francisco police officer. Unfortunately, he was treated poorly by Heather Fong (probably the most incompetent chief this city has had). To his credit, Greg Suhr was able to move forward and prove his worthiness to lead the SFPD. Yes, it warms the heart of this San Francisco native to see one of our own receiving the recognition he has earned. Once again I am proud to call our Police Department “San Francisco’s finest.”

Andi Ibarra, San Francisco


Card check facts wrong

Your Friday editorial states that card check will abolish secret elections, which is not true. Instead, it will mandate that the employer must accept the cards as approval. That was in the NLRA at the time.

The Republicans changed that to give the employers the right to decide.

If card check ever comes back, the employees will be the ones who decide if they want an election, not the employer.

The employer will have to prove that he has reason to demand an election. That is how it should be.

Michael J. Benardo, San Francisco

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