Parkmerced homes ideal for families 

"Taking families off S.F.'s endangered species list,"; The City, Sunday

Parkmerced homes ideal for families

Joel Engardio must not comprehend the old real estate mantra that everyone wants a home with a garden. Engardio misses the boat completely on the issue of how housing is the primary concern for families in San Francisco.

On Saturday, as part of Architecture in the City Week, a group of Dutch architects, planners and landscape architects led by award-winning housing designer Edwin Ooostmeijer took a tour of Parkmerced. The Dutch group was astounded that there was a proposal to destroy such a wonderful example of community-styled garden apartments that form the backbone of design for their country's housing.

We need the political will to tackle housing first. The unintended consequences of fast-paced, high-end development of expensive new housing misses the imperative issue of the desire for housing with gardens, and a utilitarian, functional community of shared cooperative gardens that provide layered spaces like the ones Parkmerced provided for families for years.

>Aaron Goodman, Parkmerced Action Coalition, San Francisco

"Closing hours will help protect parks, money,"; Editorial, Opinion, Friday

Sit-lie failure is a warning

Your editorial imagines that solving the problem of homeless campers in The City's parks requires nothing more than a new law.

The only thing a new law will do is replicate the notable failure of the sit-lie law enacted to "solve" the problems of homeless sidewalk campers in the Haight-Ashbury area.

Sit-lie has not solved any problems. It has instead resulted in the endless pushing of the same nomadic tribes of hard-core homeless around in a circle from neighborhood to neighborhood. Why expand on sit-lie's failure?

Riley B. VanDyke, San Francisco

Syrian crisis

Pelosi fighting genocide

House Leader Nancy Pelosi is a modern-day profile of courage in her stand against the Syrian government of Bashar Assad and in calling for a military response.

Pelosi has unjustly suffered criticism from other California Democrats and could alienate some of her constituents by taking a forceful position. They are incorrect because in the short run, our inaction will encourage Syria and its allies to push the envelope of exactly what amount of genocide is acceptable to the international community before it reacts.

Paul Page, San Francisco

War is not the answer

It is sad that Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Charles Hagel are beating the drums of war and calling for strikes on Syria. Kerry, a gunner during the Vietnam War, later threw away his medals as a protest against the war. Hagel, also a gunner during that war, later said that because he had seen the horrors of war, "If I ever can influence anything, I will do all I can to prevent war."

It is clear that the American people want to seek a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis, not another war.

Anh Le, San Francisco

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