Parking fees will hurt downtown San Carlos 

When I read about the San Carlos City Council considering putting parking meters downtown, I shook my head in disbelief. Do those dimwits realize that our downtown is so vibrant in part because of free parking, however limited?

Instead of wasting $80,000 on consultants, the council members should take a field trip to Redwood City and look at the empty storefronts in their downtown! Some time ago, a Redwood City council member stated that their parking fee system would not work, but they would leave it in place for a year just to make sure.

If the San Carlos City Council still thinks that a parking study is worth the money, they should pay it out of their own pockets.

Franz J. Kemper
San Carlos

Crack down on bike threat

How many more innocent people have to die from bicycles on the streets of San Francisco before something is done? How is it somehow less serious to die at the hands of a bicyclist wearing proper headgear than from the barrel of a loaded handgun?

Mayor Ed Lee and the Board of Supervisors need to do their job. Sure they can deal with the easy stuff — like circumcisions for men, Happy Meals, plastic bags and shark fin soup — but what about the real problems facing The City, such as the accountability of cyclists? Bike lanes are a joke! Licensing, registration and enforcement are the only way to go.

Sutchi Hui, R.I.P.

Theodore Carl Soderberg
San Francisco

Cyclists safer than drivers

I would like to answer Fiona McGregor’s question (Letters, April 10): “What will happen if [bicyclists’] numbers continue to grow ... ?” 

Simple — the number of pedestrian deaths and serious injuries will likely decrease. Considering the tremendous killing abilities of a car relative to a bicycle, anybody who eschews his or her car in favor of a bicycle will statistically lower serious pedestrian mishaps.

Would you rather have some nutcase navigating the streets on a bicycle or behind a 2-ton SUV?

Jonathan Frank
San Francisco

Sanctuary status a big risk

A sanctuary city welcomes illegal immigrants and attracts criminals.

This policy has resulted in the killing of eight law-abiding citizens in the past few years: three in the Bologna family, and allegedly five in a home near City College of San Francisco.

Do these homicides give our city leaders a “wake-up call” to abandon their unwise policy?

Van Nguyen
San Francisco

Let’s hold D.C. accountable

The federal government is spending $11,500 per person (every man, woman and child) this year doing things for and to you. Of all the things the federal government does, which are most important to you?

Your voice in Washington, D.C., is your member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Do you know where your representative and his or her opponents stand on your issues? If not, then call or email them and ask. See if the answer is definitive or political double talk.

If you don’t like the situation in Washington, you must hold your representative accountable. It is your money and your government, but only if you act. If you don’t, then it all belongs to the politicians.

Irving B. Welchons III
Charlotte, N.C.

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