Paris Hilton, beau split following ‘rough patch’ 

If you predicted that Paris Hilton’s latest long-term romance would not lead to “til death do us part,” give yourself a gold star. The heiress has parted ways with beau Cy Waits, per an Us magazine report.

“They are broken up,” a friend confides. “It’s sad, she cares about him a lot and thinks he’s a great guy but they really hit a rough patch.”

The nightclub owner, who’s been seeing the celebutante for about a year, has “found it difficult to live his life with her in the spotlight, and that’s what caused their split,” says the pal. “No drama, it’s amicable, but things didn’t work out.”

The breakup comes soon after an E! report that Paris’ low-rated new Oxygen reality show was causing strain on the relationship, and the couple were “re-evaluating” where they stood.

“Cy is very upset with ‘The World According to Paris,’” said a source. “He felt that way too much of their private life was shown. When he signed on to do the show, he had no idea the cameras would be so invasive.”

Cy needn’t have worried — it turns out nobody is watching!

Hef: Happy Single

Hugh Hefner evidently isn’t bitter toward ex-fiancée Crystal Harris for leaving him practically at the altar. Though his “runaway bride” returned to the Playboy Mansion on Monday to give back her $90,000, 3-carat engagement ring, he let her keep it.

Crystal, whose debut single dropped as news of their split broke, also gets to hang on to the Bentley her octogenarian suitor bought her. In return, she gave back a dog she had taken when moving out. “Crystal brought Charlie back because she thinks he’s happier here and I appreciate it, because I really missed him,” the magazine mogul noted on Twitter.

Honestly, he doesn’t seem too heartbroken. “It’s the start of a new day, and a new week, and I’m happy to be single,” a philosophical Hef tweeted Monday, two days after what would have been his wedding day.

“After all is said and done, staying single is probably the best,” he mused. “I think I just missed a bullet.”

Hmm. We can’t help but wonder if Hef and Crystal were plotting for things to go down like this all along. It certainly has resulted in a whole lot of press for both of them.

A Picture’s Worth … $200K?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are reportedly shopping around tabloid rights to the first-ever photos of their twins — but they’re not likely to land their asking price from bidders such as OK! magazine and People magazine. According to the New York Post, the proud parents of Moroccan and Monroe were hoping to rival the $14 million that Brad Pitt and An

gelina Jolie got for their kids in 2008, but may have to settle for a measly $200,000. Gee, is that all?

“There’s not much movement going on right now,” a source reveals. “Everyone wants them, and everyone is putting in offers. But times and budgets have changed from the Brangie baby years.” (Brangelina’s baby years are over? News to us, but whatevs.)

However, “Mariah and Nick are more concerned with doing the right thing than going to the highest bidder,” an insider notes. “They’re talking to a number of publications about doing it in the best and most tasteful way.”

Tasteful? Wait a minute. Isn’t this the same couple that took naked photos of themselves while Mariah was pregnant, and hung them prominently in their home?

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