Parents Mariah, Nick quizzed about alcohol 

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have only been parents for a couple weeks, but they’ve reportedly already been investigated by L.A.’s child services department. According to a Radar Online source, the agency’s case probing alcohol allegations “will probably remain open for the next week, out of abundance of caution.”

That said, according to the insider, “There [have] been absolutely no findings that either Mariah or Nick were doing anything illegal, or that could place the twins in danger.”

So why would someone have called authorities on the new mom and dad, who were visited in the hospital right after their twins’ April 30 delivery?

Nick speculated to Piers Morgan that the controversy began when Mimi was told that drinking Guinness might help with breast-feeding.

“I don’t know if someone heard that, but then they were saying my wife was drinking beer. People will do anything to try to conjure up a story,” Nick said. “When I spoke to the person from child protection services, they said, ‘This is ridiculous. We’re going to make sure this isn’t the case.’ Even to have to deal with that, even my wife in the state she’s in, and we’re in the hospital, and to even have to think of someone possibly wanting to investigate your children.”

But Nick’s indignant attitude might have made matters worse.

“Unfortunately, Nick was extremely angry when DCFS officials attempted to interview Mariah, which just escalated the situation. His anger didn’t help the situation,” the Radar source said. “Under California law, any time there is any allegation made involving the welfare and safety of a child, DCFS is required to investigate. Mariah was extremely cooperative with DCFS and answered all the questions. Mariah understood why Nick was upset.  He was just trying to protect her, and the twins.”

Let’s hope this situation indeed turns out to be one big misunderstanding.

Lindsay: Getting Serious

Stop the presses: Lindsay Lohan might have actually learned her lesson!

Pals told TMZ that after years of legal troubles, the starlet finally received a much-needed wake-up call at her latest sentencing.

She’s now reportedly telling friends she is committed to staying clean, sober and out of trouble for good — meaning beyond her legally mandated three years of probation.

The “Mean Girls” star is said to believe a probation sentence is excessive, but she has resigned herself to it and her community service obligation and fines.

Think LiLo really has gotten the message after years of legal trouble? Or are her loyal friends just trying to spread positive buzz?

Britney: ‘Pretty Normal’

Despite her ability to sell out arenas and her soap opera of a personal life, Britney Spears said she’s just a regular person.

“I’m pretty normal, you know?” the 29-year-old pop star told Bazaar magazine, adding that “the type of day I love is just like everybody else’s. I’m like everybody else.”

Now that she’s settled in a stable relationship with Jason Trawick, who seems to get along great with her sons, is the “Femme Fatale” singer considering another marriage and more kids?

“I’ve thought about both,” Britney said. “If the timing was right.”

Think a third husband will be the charm for Brit? Or should she just not risk messing with a good thing?

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