Pam Ann offers up high-flying laughs 

Swingin’ stew: Caroline Reid brings her campy act “Pam Ann: You F’Coffee?” to the Castro. (Courtesy photo) - SWINGIN’ STEW: CAROLINE REID BRINGS HER CAMPY ACT “PAM ANN: YOU F’COFFEE?” TO THE CASTRO. (COURTESY PHOTO)
  • Swingin’ stew: Caroline Reid brings her campy act “Pam Ann: You F’Coffee?” to the Castro. (Courtesy photo)
  • Swingin’ stew: Caroline Reid brings her campy act “Pam Ann: You F’Coffee?” to the Castro. (Courtesy photo)

From the land of laughs Down Under that gave us Dame Edna Everage and "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert," Pam Ann, the alter ego of Caroline Reid, is cleared for comic landing at the Castro Theatre Saturday.

The sassy stewardess _ that’s what they were called in the Pan Am era _ with the ample bosom and camp couture first saw the runway lights in a Melbourne club where actress Reid was serving as a publicist.

"I’d always wanted to do a one-woman show, says Reid, "but I didn’t know what it was gonna be." She previously dressed up as a Pan Am "air hostess" for a themed birthday party on the 1990s and had so much fun she decided to give the character a try.

Since then Pam Ann has gone round the world to great success. She’s performed at private parties for folks like Elton John, toured with Cher and appeared in legit advertising campaigns for companies like British Airways. Madonna is a fan and describes Pam Ann as "cruelly funny."

"It’s pretty amazing," says Reid. "They are superstars and I’m just this act. To have Cher want comedy to begin with blew me away. It was amazing to have someone of that profile pick an unknown and give them the space to work."

Following the theme of collaborating with music industry royalty, Reid’s sights are now set on Lady Gaga. "I’d like to do something with her. I think she’s a phenomenon. We could do some kind of galactic space Pam Ann!"

More immediate opportunities are also bubbling up now that Reid is living in Manhattan. "Sandra Bernhard and I are interested in doing something together, but we’ve not got it together to get it together. Ya know?"

Reid’s love of airline industry is genuine. While touring of former TWA terminal at JFK, a historical landmark designed by Eero Saarinen, she says, "I was almost in tears to be surrounded by that history."

She’s shot some of her videos at the British Airways facility. "They’ve got this 747 mock-up which is amazing."

She’s also crossing her fingers for "Pan Am," the new airline-based ABC series set in the 1960s. "I just hope it’s a huge success so I can present Christina Ricci with an Award," she laughs. "It’s all so much fun. I love it. Just put me in a plane or a terminal and I am in heaven!


Pam Ann

Where: Castro Theatre, 429 Castro St., San Francisco
When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday
Tickets: $35 to $50
Contact: (415) 621-6120,

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