Palmyra Delran resurfaces as a solo act 

At first, the rock life seemed like a dream come true for Philadelphia guitarist Palmyra Delran, who toured with bands like Pink Slip Daddy and the notorious all-girl outfit The Friggs.

She even kept the Friggs going despite the departure of singer and songwriting partner Jezebel after one legendary album, 1997’s “Rock Candy,” and a singles anthology.

The illusion faded.

“After 10 years of traveling in a stinky van, I was like ‘You know what? I want to settle down and get a dog now!’” she says. “That’s when I started writing my own stuff, and when this whole other chapter of my life started.”

Left to her own devices, Delran – who jokingly named herself after two towns in New Jersey – gradually conceived a solo career that didn’t involve lugging bandmates and instruments around the world.

When she plays San Francisco this week, touting her new full-length debut “You Are What You Absorb,” she will be supported by Los Angeles’ Bubble Gun, specifically hired as her West Coast band.

For East Coast concerts, studio artists from “Absorb” back her, and when she hits Scandinavia, it’s the Swedish outfit Stupidity.

“It would certainly be presumptuous of me to just expect these bands to learn all my stuff, but Stupidity and Bubble Gun have been willing to do it, I’m a really lucky girl,” says Delran, who also recently reunited with The Friggs and Pink Slip Daddy. “The musicians on the record all have other groups, other commitments, but we play New York, Philly, and we’re talking about Boston. So I have three bands, and now The Friggs are talking about some future gigs and maybe some recording, and Pink Slip Daddy are talking about more shows, too – if we get the itch.”

Delran found her frontwoman voice by synthesizing her influences – punk, glam, psychedelic, vintage Blondie – into an 2008 EP “She Digs the Ride,” which caught the attention of influential DJ Little Steven Van Zandt, founder of Sirius Satellite Radio’s Underground Garage.

In 2008, he chose her “Baby Should Have Known Better” as his Coolest Song in the World, and “You’re My Brian Jones” was his No. 1 Song of 2012. This year, he ranked “Absorb” at No. 3 on his personal Top 10.

Delran was surprised when her benefactor, who played Silvio Dante on “The Sopranos,” dropped by one of her Swedish dates to chat by the merch table.

“But then he just started selling my CDs, saying ‘I think you wanna buy this, you know?’ And people kept on buying them! Maybe they didn’t want to get whacked or something….”


Palmyra Delran & Bubble Gun

opening for Roy Loney & the Phantom Movers

Where: Brick and Mortar Music Hall, 1710 Mission St., S.F.

When: 9 p.m. Jan. 17

Tickets: $8 to $12

Contact: (415) 800-8782,

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