Palestinian Authority wants to marginalize U.S. involvement in security operations 

From ??Jane's Defense Weekly, via The MidEast News Source, comes this interesting item:

The Palestinian Authority is reportedly planning to drop the American involvement in the increasingly strong US-sponsored Palestinian security forces in the West Bank. According to Jane’s, a security magazine published in London, the Palestinian Authority will replace US trainers with Palestinian officers, effectively marginalizing the US team led by US Gen. Keith Dayton. The United States has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into training the four battalions so far. The elite forces are considered to be a major factor in the relative security calm and economic prosperity currently witnessed in the territories. The plan calls for the force to come under the direct control of the PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Some Palestinian and European security officials have reportedly criticized the plan since it does not address the possibility of absorbing Hamas fighters into the security apparatus.

So not only is the U.S. losing it's sway with Israel, but also the Palenstinian Authority as well. We spend hundreds of millions of dollars giving Palestinians military training and they repsond by trying to kick us to the curb to the without a plan to address absorbing terrorists groups into their now highly-trained battalions. What could possibly go wrong?

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