Outspoken Patrol Special president dies of cancer 

Jane Warner, the outspoken president of The City’s Patrol Special Police Officers Association, died Saturday of ovarian cancer. She was 53.

In addition to walking foot beats in neighborhoods such as the Castro, Noe Valley and Glen Park, Warner was the unofficial chief and spokeswoman for the citizen-staffed security unit that has protected San Francisco since the Gold Rush.

Warner would fiercely defend herself and other Patrol Special members in disciplinary matters that were illustrative of the long-simmering tensions between the Police Department and the Patrol Special police.

Supervisor Bevan Dufty called Warner the “epitome of community policing,” saying she was a constant and protective presence in the Castro during the active nightlife hours.

“She protected a generation of people who have enjoyed going out in the Castro,” Dufty said. “People in the community didn’t see her differently than a police officer.”

Warner had already battled a bout of cancer but relapsed. She died Saturday at her home with her mother and two friends.


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