Outrageous rents are driving people away 

I am writing to express my disappointment and sadness about the poor ethics and greed of real estate agents in San Francisco.

I moved to The City in May 2011. I live in a flat that had previously been chopped up into two units. Each unit is less than 500 square feet. No laundry, no garage. I pay $1,450 plus utilities. The unit next door, which is even smaller than mine, is a continual revolving door of people moving in and out because it’s so small. I just learned that the new tenant is paying $1,650 per month. Prospective tenants fought to get the place because it is the cheapest apartment in a safe neighborhood in The City where there is sunshine.  

I work at a very good job and my co-workers and I all earn more than $100,000 annually — yet we can’t afford to live in this city. Everybody is looking to move to the East Bay, Pacifica and Marin.  

Why would someone pay $2,700 a month for a one-bedroom apartment when, if you saved long enough, you could buy a house and pay a mortgage that’s less than rent? I search the classified sites for housing and see that people are charging $5,000 a month for an apartment, and then charging $275 extra for parking.

I love this city and am so sorry that I think I will soon have to move out of the area.

Dana Massuk
San Francisco

Praising Market makeover

Thank you for a wonderful front page and article (“Moving Market Street in right direction,” July 15).

The Market Street upgrade has been long overdue. I am proud of our city and proud to be involved in developing business in that area.

Jan Naft
San Francisco


Parking in park is a mess

I find the new lane arrangement on Golden Gate Park’s John F. Kennedy Drive awful.

It has uglified the park. JFK Drive was a beautiful boulevard stretching through the entire park. Now, half of it, from Stanyan Street to Transverse Drive, is a mess. The road surface is covered with ugly scars caused by the removal of effective old lines. Scores of multicolored, angular, all-over-the-place lines have been added, and the middle of the road has become an eyesore, full of parked cars.

Instead of a beautiful and safe boulevard, JFK Drive resembles an airport parking lot. It’s dreadful.

Please get rid of this mess and restore the pastoral beauty of the park.

Martha Hoffman
San Francisco


Headlines to head injuries

Now that the recent football scandal is settled, let the concussions resume.

Joseph Carducci


Shift focus to gun control

Following the tragic movie-theater shooting in Colorado, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg forcefully challenged both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to outline exactly what they would do to curtail the inexcusable gun violence within our country.

Congratulations to Bloomberg for speaking out and conveying the urgency of this ongoing nightmare.

It is hoped that this will be one of the primary issues in the forthcoming presidential debates, and that both men who aspire to our nation’s leading office will clearly recognize that gun control is not about partisan politics and mindless slogans, but all about simply doing what is right.

Michael Traynor

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