Other stadiums are fighting fan violence 

With respect to the reported fan violence and vulgar language directed at fans wearing New Orleans Saints garb last weekend, I can tell you that the San Diego Chargers have put a “no tolerance” security policy in place for home games that includes both very visible yellow-jacketed security personnel along with uniformed police officers in between every pair of seat sections, and it has virtually shut down these idiotic incidents.

Drop even so much as one f-bomb and you’ll quickly be escorted out. If you’re a season ticket holder, you will also risk having your rights to renew revoked.

But as long as unlimited consumption of alcohol during tailgating is allowed in NFL stadium parking lots, these lots will remain dangerous places for fans walking through while wearing opposing teams garb.

Jack J. Lucas, Lake Forest

Brown’s wishful thinking

What is Gov. Jerry Brown’s “strategy” to balance the state budget in the next fiscal year? He hopes that Facebook and Zynga go public during 2012. He hopes the six-month “lock-up” period before employees can sell their shares will end before Dec. 31, so the state can grab its share of capital gains taxes.

He hopes that in November, voters pass tax measures that stick it to rich people to pick up the tab for rich public pensions and benefits. And he hopes those rich people don’t bolt the state or otherwise figure out how to avoid the high taxes as they always have. Last, he hopes redistricting gives him the two-thirds votes he needs for one-party control of the state Assembly and Senate.

Unfortunately for California, hope is not a strategy.

Cary Fulbright, San Francisco

Close Gitmo prison now

January 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the Guantanamo Bay detainment and interrogation facility in Cuba. One year ago, President Barack Obama signed the Defense Authorization Bill banning the transfer of Guantanamo prisoners to the mainland or to foreign countries, which stopped the closure of the facility.

Other prisons across the U.S. hold more than 700 convicted terrorists.  Clearly, there are federal prisons within the U.S. capable of safely holding suspected terrorists. Gitmo continues to be an international embarrassment. The 171 prisoners held must have their day in court, or be transferred or released so Gitmo can be closed.

Ralph E. Stone, San Francisco

Not condemning Marines

I do not understand the uproar about the Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters.  Where was the U.S. outrage when our dead military were dragged through the streets in Somalia some years ago?  What about the dead contractors being strung up in Fallujah?

How dare the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta want to bring these young men up on criminal charges? Our brave young military men and women are the reason we have the freedoms we enjoy, and should be commended for their service, not condemned.

Sharron Calundan, Hillsborough

PG&E can’t be trusted

So PG&E dodged spending $100 million dedicated to making safety repairs on potentially explosive leaks in their natural gas lines, according to the California Public Utilities Commission. Now how can I know my 17-story apartment building over two underground levels of garage space in San Francisco won’t blow up like all those houses did in San Bruno?

Al Ujcic, San Francisco

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