Orchids highlight annual show in Redwood City 

It is full seed ahead for Mike Drilling, the president of the Peninsula Orchid Society and a 30-year orchid grower, as the group’s annual show and sale at Redwood City’s Community Activities Building on Saturday and Sunday. The event is $5 for adults and $3 for children up to 16, the disabled and seniors. For more info, visit www.penorchidsoc.org.

Why do you think people are drawn to orchids?
The image of orchids is that they’re very exotic plants, they grow in jungles and what not. I think it’s the diversity of orchids, in terms of the growing conditions, their habitat, their appearance. They vary enormously and there are something like 25,000 identified orchid species around the world.

At what price do local vendors sell them?
We don’t have anything terribly exotic at the show. There are plants that sell for thousands of dollars, but we don’t attempt to do any of that. They probably run from $5 to $40 or $50.

How does one grow orchids on the Peninsula?
Many orchids can be grown very successfully outdoors here in the Bay Area. We have many members who have greenhouses. We grow them every conceivable way. The reality is, in very general terms, orchids are easy to grow — though some are not — and anybody can do it if they want to put in a little bit of effort.


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