Options abound to fill the void left by football 

click to enlarge Even with football over, there are still plenty of story lines to keep track of. The A’s are kicking over rocks looking for a DH, possibly Manny Ramirez. - GETTY IMAGES FILE PHOTO
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  • Even with football over, there are still plenty of story lines to keep track of. The A’s are kicking over rocks looking for a DH, possibly Manny Ramirez.

Got any football games on DVR? If not, you haven’t a single pigskin-viewing option on this, the emptiest of Sundays.

The chicken-wing bones from that Super Bowl party, your attendance at which was regrettable the moment you realized there was more interest in the commercials and Madonna than the game itself, have long since been hauled away. What’s left of the seven-layer dip now has an eighth layer — mold.

Your intense, months-long love affair with the 49ers or the Raiders or the NFL in general is on hiatus, to be rekindled intermittently with such inadequate mistresses as the draft combine and the draft itself.

And let’s face it: There’s only so much excitement to be generated by Mel Kiper Jr. and the oddly debated future of Andrew Luck.

So what’s a hard-core fan to do? Broaden the scope. Get your Frank Gore jersey dry-cleaned and hang it up for the time being. Learn to live without daily diatribes from Bill Romanowski. Options abound to keep your sports synapses from failing to fire.

To wit:

The Warriors aren’t even at the midpoint of their truncated season, and the bandwagon that rolled along so full and merrily back when they pulled off that epic playoff upset of the Dallas Mavericks is virtually empty. The 17,000-plus hardy souls who steadily set up shop at the Oracle, despite the very real and reasonable sense that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train conducted by the ghost of Jeremy Lin, will be happy to welcome you aboard said bandwagon these days.

Is Mark Jackson the hardwood equivalent of Jim Harbaugh or Hue Jackson? At this point it’s a tossup, if not tilted toward HueJack City. Is Monta Ellis long for Golden State? He’s been long on losing for too long to make it anything less than a fair question. Is Golden State long for Oakland? Get in line, Mr. Gruber and Mr. Lacob. Lew Wolff and Mark Davis have dibs on the next pedicab out of town.

It’s pretty compelling stuff, win or lose, and worthy of your attention.

The Giants open camp this week. Did they do enough to help the offense in adding Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan? Not the most inspiring names in the world, but given the team’s openness about making Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain offseason priorities, it’s about as much as anyone should have expected.

Wait. You say Cain hasn’t signed yet? Lincecum only signed through arbitration? Hmmm. Oh well, the drama provided by Buster Posey, Freddy Sanchez, Aubrey Huff and Brandon Belt will keep you engaged all summer.

The A’s are ready to rock, too. Or something like that. It’s a circus, period. Manny Ramirez? Hell, why not? There’s a dancing polar bear on the high wire, anyway. And as any NASCAR fan knows, car wrecks are kinda cool as long as nobody gets hurt.

Wait. This is the A’s we’re talking about. Everyone gets hurt.

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