Opening spending information is hardly impossible 

The page 13 article in the Sunday San Francisco Examiner frets about the California Assembly “making it nearly impossible to link spending to individual legislators.”

But as a CPA since 1975, I can tell you it is a piece of cake for anyone who has taken Cost Accounting 101 to set up the Assembly accounts and make that information instantly available. A couple of third-year accounting students would find it just as easy to look at current legislative books and provide a close approximation.

Why wouldn’t the Assembly Rules Committee want to know this stuff and be able to control it? They should hire a couple of these local third-year accounting students and find out. We’re only talking 80 Assembly members here, which is a pretty small overall number to analyze.

Will S. Richardson
San Carlos

BART move makes sense

BART got it right. By disabling wireless access to its platforms, BART seems to have thwarted the protesters’ attempts to disrupt train service last week.

BART owns the wireless equipment that provides phone service to underground platforms and has every right to disable the service in order to protect its passengers’ safety.

So, I’m perplexed by both BART director Lynette Sweet and Sen. Leland Yee issuing diatribes opposing the decision to disable cellphone service.

A BART platform is, for obvious reasons, a dangerous place for a raucous protest. And anyone who thinks free speech trumps public safety in this situation is seriously misguided.

Michael G. Brennan
San Francisco

‘Anonymous’ cowards

I am very disappointed with BART. In a sense, the agency allowed this “Anonymous” hacker group to compromise the privacy of thousands of people’s personal information.

I also think Anonymous is a bunch of anarchist cowards and idiots who targeted not BART, but innocent citizens who had nothing to do with their cause. They should be dealt the highest punishment possible by law.

There should be zero tolerance for such behavior. Anonymous is going to continue to terrorize BART and innocent people, so officials need to be on top of this. It isn’t about the latest BART shooting, it is about anarchist punks who have nothing else better to do.

Ade Vlaho
San Francisco

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