Only in D.C. - Interior Department wants a new logo. Can Examiner readers help them out? 

Gas prices remain around $4 a gallon, thousands of people have lost their jobs in the energy industry and the U.S. border with Mexico remains as porous as Swiss cheese.

So what are some folks at the U.S. Department of Interior doing today? Well, they're looking for a department logo that is "both elegant (simple) and meaningful." Oh, and don't forget, it also has to  "appeal to both our internal and external audiences."

It is vital, however, that it be understood this new logo will not replace the department's present seal, which is just to the right here, but will instead be used in addition.

As if those requirements aren't complicated enough, the DOI folks helpfully provided this additional guidance:

"More specifically, the logo must appeal to the 70,000 employees of Interior, as well as (in alphabetical order) cattlemen/ranchers, coal miners, conservationists, farmers, fishermen, historians, hunters, Native Americans & tribal entities, offshore oil and gas producers, recreation enthusiasts (boaters, hikers, campers) and others. We recognize that this is a lengthy list and include it for a sense of the breadth and scale of our missions."

Federal employees are barred from being paid for creating a winning entry for the new DOI logo, but Examiner readers who aren't feds can certainly submit entries. And I'll bet lots of our readers would just love to suggest a new logo for the federal department that essentially shut down U.S. oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, thereby putting thousands of people out of work in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

For more information, go here.

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