Olbermann says I should be embarrassed. And I am. 

Last night, I won "Worse Person in the World" from Keith Olbermann on "Countdown." (Really, that's just third place for "Worst Person in the World," but Olbermann doesn't hire people who correct his grammar any more than he interviews people who won't bend down and lick the soles of his boots on his show.)

When I heard about this by text, I was at first thrilled. Then I became a bit concerned. Had I said something slightly intemperate that I would regret?

But no. An hour later, I saw the clip:

Wow, I am embarrassed, Keith...embarrassed that I should thus become the beneficiary of an obviously slow news day and an even slower research team. Is that really the best you can do? I always wanted to be the Worst, but I also wanted to deserve the victory. That has to be the weakest, lamest public shaming I have ever received. My conservative friends are already accusing me of cheating, telling me that I barely deserve the title of "Worse."

Thanks, Keith. You've made me into the Floyd Landis of "Worst Person in the World."

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