OhGr lines up another deranged industrial release 

Just when you thought it was safe to wander back into the Industrial section of your local record store! He’s baaaaaack, groovy ghoulies!

On May 10, our old black-garbed buddy Nivek Ogre (nee Kevin Ogilvie) returns with a new fourth assault from his Skinny Puppy side project, ohGr, called “undeveloped” on Metropolis Records. He’s had the combo with Mark Walk for, believe it or not, 16 years, so it’s no surprise that this release carries on storylines and characters the pair were working with on their last disc, 2008’s “Devils In My Details.”

Ogre has always been fascinated with the dark back alleys where paranoia and pop culture meet. And while he’ll gladly keep the mindless masses dancing with tracks like “undeveloped”’s opening “101,” he’s happier digging deep beneath the socio-political surface with, say, “Crash,” written about the death of Michael Jackson and our current health-care debate. He sees the King Of Pop’s Icarus-tragic rise and fall as an Alex Jones-frightening allegory for how the wealthy are systematically exterminating the middle class in America. Another cut, “traGek,” has already been offered as a free download at www.ohgr.org.

Tour dates should be forthcoming, and if you’ve never caught the man live – in any incarnation – prepare yourself. You’re in for a jaw-dropping audio-visual treat.

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