Officials must solidify high-speed rail plan 

The Sunday San Francisco Examiner op-ed promoting California’s high-speed rail project claimed that the voters approved the project and a solid plan was put forth. These statements are not quite accurate. The plan that the voters approved was far different than what is on the table today.

Today’s plan is four times more expensive to build, won’t be finished while most of those who voted are still alive, is far shorter in length and will cost much more to ride. The so-called solid plan is anything but. It keeps changing. Even those in charge cannot agree on anything and many have jumped ship.

I actually would like high-speed rail. But it is not realistic to expect taxpayers to fund a project that they can’t use and that has runaway costs. A better plan is needed, not a bait and switch.

Tim Donnelly, San Francisco

Keep 49ers in The City

Where is the outrage from our elected officials — Ed Lee, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi — over the York family’s plot to move the 49ers from San Francisco to Santa Clara? The recent playoff games highlight the fact that the 49ers belong in San Francisco. If those playoff games were hosted in Santa Clara, where would the long-distance fans visiting town for the game hang out?

The 49ers have played in San Francisco for 66 years. Why are we going to let some out-of-towners from Ohio move our team 50 miles south of San Francisco and build a stadium on the parking lot of Great America theme park? There is a much more suitable location in San Francisco at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This particular parcel cannot be used for housing, plus Lennar Corp. is willing to kick in $100 million for construction costs. With a viable alternative to moving the team south, the Yorks should be obligated to keep the 49ers in San Francisco where they belong.

Michael Gerard Brennan, San Francisco

Quiet during anthem

While watching the opening of the NFC Championship Game, I was struck by the lack of class and respect that 49ers fans showed during the national anthem.

There is a time and place to cheer and/or boo players during sporting events. To do so during the national anthem while being shown on the Jumbotron is most definitely not one of them.

Joseph Lyon, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Why chief and sheriff?

Does San Francisco need a both a police chief and a sheriff? Whether Ross Mirkarimi is or is not found guilty, why does a city and county with no unincorporated areas need cops and deputies? This might be an opportunity to scale down the size of government.

Do we really need an expensive election for the person who runs the jail? Does this person really need to carry a concealed weapon? In Santa Clara County, the jails are not under the sheriff, but instead are a separate department. It seems to work quite well.

Keith C. De Filippis, San Jose

Mayor issues fall off radar

The District Attorney’s Office filed charges against Ross Mirkarimi within weeks of the alleged domestic violence against his wife.

But what has happened to the investigation of the Ed Lee for Mayor campaign for allegedly laundering campaign contributions above the individual limit, and the second investigation of the independent Ed Lee committee for alleged absentee ballot tampering in Chinatown?

What is the status of these investigations? Are they ongoing and, if so, why is it taking so long? Or have the investigations been closed already and, if so, why?

The public has a right to know.

Ralph E. Stone, San Francisco

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