Obama’s rhetorical shift on health care 

You’ll be glad to know that, like with the Obama presidency before it, we have now moved from the “everything will miraculously change” portion of the Obama health-care pitch to the “I never said everything would miraculously change” portion.

This comes from his speech selling health-care reform in Iowa today:

Now, it will take about four years to implement this entire plan – because we need to do it responsibly and we need to get it right.  That means that health care costs won’t go down overnight.  But we have built into the law all sorts of measures to assure that in years to come, health care inflation, which has been rising about three times as fast as people’s wages, will start slowing.  We’ll start reducing the waste in the system, from unnecessary tests to unwarranted insurance subsidies.  So over time, Americans will save money.

He kindly advised the GOP to “go for it,” on their attempts to repeal the bill, proving he’s just reading the polling numbers and offering kind, post-partisan advice to the caucus.

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Monday, Mar 25, 2019


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