Obamacare Isn't Even Popular Among Grossly Over-Sampled Democrats 

The newly released Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that, by a margin of 27 percentage points (59 to 32 percent), seniors have an “unfavorable,” rather than a “favorable,” opinion of Obamacare.  The same poll also shows that, by a margin of 5 points (48 to 43 percent), Americans as a whole have an “unfavorable,” rather than a “favorable,” opinion of the overhaul. That’s not so striking in itself, but it is when you consider this fact: Only 24 percent of the poll’s respondents were Republicans.

About half of the poll’s remaining respondents, 36 percent of the overall tally, were Democrats. This 3-to-2 ratio of Democrats to Republicans isn’t even remotely representative of current party allegiance. Exit polling from the past election showed an even split: 35 percent Republicans, 35 percent Democrats.  When you factor in “leaners,” the Kaiser poll included 37 percent Republicans and 50 percent Democrats. 

It’s a good sign for repeal that a poll this heavily skewed toward Democratic respondents still shows Obamacare to be unpopular, and not just by a nose.  Moreover, the poll shows that the intensity of Republican opposition is far greater than the intensity of Democratic support: 58 percent of Republicans have a “very unfavorable” opinion of Obamacare, while only 30 percent of Democrats have a “very favorable” opinion of it. 

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