Obama slays Repubs in Fox News poll 

Not generic enough: You betcha!             (ap photo)

A new Fox News poll has President Obama losing in 2012 to a generic Republican candidate -- but mostly stomping a few big-name Republicans. Which leads one to wonder -- who is this generic Republican who could beat him?

According to the poll, Obama beats Mitt Romney, 47 percent to 35 percent, defeats Sarah Palin, 55 percent to 31 percent, and makes a quick business of Newt Gingrich, 53 percent to 29 percent. What, no Santorum?

Generically, Obama loses to an unnamed Republican, 43 percent to 47 percent.

Further: 43 percent of Americans say they would vote to re-elect Barack Obama if the 2012 election were held today, which is unchanged from October, yet is down from 52 percent who said they would re-elect him in April.

All in all, 47 percent of Americans say they would vote for someone else rather than re-electing President Obama, up from 31 percent in April.

Moreover, the number saying they would "definitely" vote to re-elect Obama has declined -- going from 37 percent in April to 26 percent in October to 23 percent in the new poll.

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