Obama refuses to rule out 14th Amendment debt option 

Last Wednesday, NBC News’ Chuck Todd became the first to ask President Obama whether or not he would consider invoking the 14th Amendment to justify ignoring the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit. Obama didn’t touch the question, instead answering two of Todd’s other queries. Obama was again asked about the 14th Amendment at today’s Twitter Town Hall. Again Obama declined to rule out the 14th amendment option. “I don’t think we should even get to the constitutional issue,” Obama said.

Obama’s 14th Amendment dodge today is similar to the non-answer he gave Todd last week on whether the War Powers Act was constitutional. “But do I think that our actions in any way violate the War Powers resolution? The answer is no. So I don’t even have to get to the constitutional question. … That’s a good legal answer,” the president told Todd.

The top lawyers in both the Pentagon and the Department of Justice both told Obama his actions in Libya violated the War Powers Act. He simply overruled them both. There is nothing stopping Obama from doing the same thing on the debt ceiling.

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