Obama pouring billions into global warming at EPA despite growing evidence of fraudulent data 

Prominent liberals like Walter Russell Mead are declaring it dead amid growing evidence that fraudulent or unverifiable data has been at the heart of the global warming movement, but that isn't stopping President Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson from plunging ahead with big budget increases to regulate greenhouse gases.

As Energy and Environment Climatewire's Jessica Leber reports today, the Obama administration has proposed a modest cut of $300 million from EPA's overall $10 billion budget for 2011, the amounts allocated for global warming related regulatory and other activities is up, to $1.1 billion, or about 12 percent of the agency's expenditures.

A total of $56 million will go to global warming regulations, while another $169 million of the $1.1 billion total will be spent on efforts directly aimed at reducing the greenhouse gases global warming advocates like former Vice President Al Gore claim are responsible for causing dangerous temperature increases in the Earth's atmosphere.

Leber notes other areas in which EPA funding is being devoted to global warming activities:

"Over the next two years, EPA's climate team has a lot stuffed onto its plate. On its agenda are plans to catalog major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters for the first time, implement GHG limits for cars and light-duty trucks, write new GHG limits for other mobile sources such as aircraft, finish permitting rules, and give technology guidance for large industrial emitters. On top of that, it may propose new GHG emissions performance standards for some categories of industrial emitters.

"The budget includes new or increased funds for all of these efforts: $21 million for the GHG registry, $5 million for EPA to write permitting guidance for GHG reduction technologies, $6 million for implementing and developing mobile-source climate regulations, and $7 million to investigate performance standards regulations.

"Additionally, more than $7 million would be devoted to carbon capture and sequestration work at EPA, including funds for a new framework to permit carbon capture projects under the Clean Air Act, according to the agency.

"Perhaps most important, several observers said, is a new $25 million proposed to help state air pollution agencies process a potential influx of tens of thousands of new GHG permits for the construction, upgrade or operations of large industrial emitters. In parallel with a similar EPA-level proposal, many states also need to tailor their laws to streamline permit applications and exempt smaller businesses and facilities."

Mead's obit for the global warming movement appears in the latest issue of The American Interest. You will find a link to it and many of the most recent headlines in the overseas media on related aspects of the collapse of the alleged "climate change consensus" in this post earlier this week on Beltway Confidential.

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