Obama not waiting until 2012 to get into politics 

White House spokesman Jay Carney must not have read our editorial today, judging by his repetition of the excuse about the economy that President Obama has now given more than five dozen times:

"But I will say that when this president took office, we were in the deepest recession since the Great Depression. The president inherited the largest deficit in the history of the country from an administration that had, when it came into power eight years previous, inherited budget surpluses from a Democratic president.

Carney also stated:

"There will be a time and a place for the president to engage in 2012 election politics, and my guess is that will be 2012.

Within minutes of Carney saying that, Barack Obama sent me an email that looks a lot like 2012 election politics:

Friend --

Someone is about to tap you on the shoulder.

It's someone who's already made a donation to the 2012 campaign, and who's willing to give again if you'll step up and take ownership of it, too.

They've made a promise to match your first donation to this campaign, effectively making your $5 donation a gift of $10. If you give now, you'll double your impact.

Will you?

We're not just gathering donations here. We're gathering people.

We didn't get this far by doing things the usual way. Our campaign doesn't take money from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PACs.

We're doing this the right way -- with a whole lot of people like you taking the lead.

One of our earliest supporters is prepared to make a second donation in order to persuade you to make your first. It's that kind of commitment that creates a grassroots campaign capable of changing the outcome of an election -- and capable of changing the course of this country.

That's the spirit that drives us. And it starts with a tap on the shoulder.

Now all you have to do is take them up on the offer. Give it a go:

Thank you,


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