Obama natl. security adviser: Thursday's terror report to 'shock' Americans 

National security adviser James Jones tells USA Today that a report to be released Thursday on the Christmas Day terrorist attack will "shock" the American people:

White House national security adviser James Jones says Americans will feel "a certain shock" when they read an account being released Thursday of the missed clues that could have prevented the alleged Christmas Day bomber from ever boarding the plane.

President Obama "is legitimately and correctly alarmed that things that were available, bits of information that were available, patterns of behavior that were available, were not acted on," Jones said in an interview Wednesday with USA TODAY.

"That's two strikes," Obama's top White House aide on defense and foreign policy issues said, referring to the foiled bombing of the Detroit-bound airliner and the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, in November. In that case, too, officials failed to act when red flags were raised about an Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Hasan. He has been charged with killing 13 people.

Jones said Obama "certainly doesn't want that third strike, and neither does anybody else."

It's hard to tell whether if the White House is trying to be forthright or manage expectations somehow with this announcement. Considering we already know that the TSA, CIA, DNI, State Department, and White House all appear to have had significant roles in what Obama pronounced a "catastrophic" national security failure, it's hard to tell how much more shocking information about the incident there is to reveal. But if there is even more damning information to come out, it will not reflect well on the White House and our already tarnished national security apparatus -- to put it mildly.

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