Obama makes amends to Vegas! 

Hug it out!                           (reuters photo)

After slagging off Vegas as a bad way to waste money and generating the ill will of local tourism and development boosters, President Obama is now all about losing your money at the casino!

At a town hall in nearby Henderson, Obama took a question from the audience about dental care and health reform. The guy who asked the question was from out of town, so Obama asked what he was doing in Las Vegas.

"Everybody comes to Vegas," the man told him. Obama repeated it, laughing. "Everybody comes to Vegas! That's what I'm talking about."

Obama asked, "Have you spent some money here in Vegas?" Affirmative, the man said.

"Yes, sir, that is good," Obama said. "We like to see that."

Take that, Vegas Chamber of Commerce!

But, true to form, Obama couldn't leave it there. He turned a hopeful exchange about the Vegas tourism industry into a teachable moment about dental hygiene, discussing the link between gum disease and heart disease. Really, Obama?

"Everybody floss, am I right?" the president asked. "You've got to floss."


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