Obama health plan just won’t die, but it could end up killing the US 

President Barack Obama’s health care plan is beginning to seem like Grigori Rasputin, the evil, crazy pre-revolutionary Russian monk who was poisoned and lived, was shot in the back and lived, was shot twice more and lived, was beaten up and lived, and was finally tied up and tossed in an icy river, where he lived long enough to try to get loose.

This health plan has so far endured expert analyses telling us it could be economically ruinous without fixing much of what ails us.

Obama revamped it some, has a new whipping boy that might help him gain support for it, has a nationally televised session planned with Republicans to lend some showbiz razzmatazz to his arguments, is carrying on about partisanship and ignorance and lies, and clearly is intent on getting it passed.

Nevertheless, the plan remains evil and crazy. It treats 21st-century Americans like the subjects of Middle Ages monarchy — telling them what they must buy — could prolong the recession by scaring businesses to death with new costs, and will definitely worsen the frightening problem of runaway government spending.

Never mind, because Obama can now point to a recent steep rise in insurance premiums in California and promise price controls as part of his improved plan.

The big point is that the proposal would establish a new entitlement using subsidies for many of the 30 million-plus people Obama wants to provide insurance to, when one of the single biggest issues this country faces is the uncontrollable cost of Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.

As for the other problems Obama says he’s addressing, various Republicans have voiced far better ideas, such as giving insurance tax subsidies to individuals instead of businesses.

Still more is needed, but what is not needed is all the misleading hooey about how European systems produce vastly superior treatment outcomes, or how the socialist systems do not have horror stories.

The least-bipartisan player in all of this has been Obama himself, and the least-convincing rhetoric has been the palaver about how we are ungovernable.

I guess the Republicans could abandon all their principles and go along, or the Democrats could abuse precious tradition for power’s sake, but there is a better answer. Do the right thing.

Examiner columnist Jay Ambrose is a former Washington opinion writer and editor of two dailies. He can be reached at Speaktojay@aol.com.

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