Obama doesn’t fail us, he’s let down by the rest of America 

New York Times columnist Nick Kristof says it’s our fault the president’s response to the gulf oil leak has been less than reassuring:

Some folks complain that it’s silly to fret that Mr. Obama doesn’t emote. Of course, it is. It’s farcical that we have bullied our president into trash-talking on television about kicking some you know what.

One of the things I admire about this administration is its cerebral, no-drama emphasis on empirical evidence in addressing issues such as health, education and poverty. This is government by adults, by engineers rather than by dramatists.

Have to love that royal “we.” The president was “bullied” into saying something stupid? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that perhaps a leader should be above succumbing to the wishes of, say, Spike Lee. As for Kristof’s laughable contention that the Obama White House is government “by engineers,” I think we’ll let that big black spot in the Gulf of Mexico speak for itself.

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