Obama approval suffering from marriage, race gaps 

Gallup's aggregated March polling numbers were published today, and they show a few interesting trends. One is a continuation of the so-called "marriage gap" that dogs the Democratic Party. President Obama's support among married people stands at 40 percent. Among the unmarried, it is 54 percent.

  • His support among whites is 39 percent.
  • His support among Hispanics stands at 54 percent, which ties the all-time low from last year.
  • Among college graduates, he scores a 46 percent.
  • Among senior citizens, he gets 42 percent support.
  • Among independents, he gets 43 percent.

The other item highlighted by Matt Drudge is that Obama's support among blacks has slipped to an all time low of 85 percent. That could be just a bit of statistical noise -- it's a small sample size -- but it will be worth keeping an eye on that number going forward. It also presents us with the interesting conclusion that the small, three-point rebound Obama has enjoyed since reaching his nadir of support in August's Gallup poll (44 percent) has come entirely from white voters.

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