NY Times smackdown of Calif. labor unions 

I know that most people ignore the business section of the newspaper, but this piece in today's New York Times makes it well worth your time. It tells of how public sector union leaders in California went from town to town in what became known as "Operation Domino" to bully one town after another into increasing pension benefits for public workers. After each victory, they would tell the neighboring towns that unless they increased pension benefits, their cops and firefighters would leave. Eventually, all the dominoes would fall.

If this reminds you of Chicago's neighborhood "blockbusters," or of the mafia, you're not far off the track. Thanks to this scam, and the political power of the state's public-sector unions, California municipalities are finding it difficult to pay the bills.

I especially liked this application of unintentional humor:

Art Pulaski, the executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation, a coalition of 1,200 affiliated unions, wrote in a statement that the idea “that unions have spent money on elections to control politicians is as offensive as it as inane. In every election, we carefully analyze candidate records and positions and support those most likely to support policies that help working families.”

As the stories recounted in the article demonstrate, the unions are all about controlling politicians -- importantly including a key Republican state senator. States that want to avoid becoming California would do well to look at what Republican governors in Wisconsin and Ohio have been doing by limiting collective bargaining rights. If you want your town and state to outlast the unionists who make their living reaching into other peoples' pockets, then that's the way to go.

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