Nunes Energy Roadmap gets co-sponsors, praise from activists 

A legislative proposal introduced by Rep. Devin Nunes to reform federal energy policy from the ground up has attracted 56 co-sponsors and praise from some notable conservative activist groups.

All of the co-sponsors are Republicans, as is Nunes who represents a Central Valley district in California. Among the co-sponsors are House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier of California, and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus of Alabama.

Go here for a full list of the 56 co-sponsors.

Among the activists groups endorsing the Nunes proposal are the National Taxpayers Union, Free Enterprise Nation and Citizens Against Government Waste:

“Congressman Nunes’ ‘Roadmap for America’s Energy Future’ is an innovative approach to unlocking America’s tremendous energy potential while diminishing the influence of special interests that waste taxpayer dollars on unproductive ventures. Any Member of Congress that seeks a better energy future should start with the ‘Roadmap’ in hand.” - National Taxpayers Union.

“The Roadmap for America’s Energy Future promotes an energy policy that is both market-based and technology neutral. It provides a thoughtful national energy policy that promotes the economic interest of the private sector by reasonably expanding permits and licenses to engage in energy exploration and development, and by encouraging private sector development of new energy sources in an economically sensible way.” -­ Free Enterprise Nation.

“For too long, Congress has earmarked energy projects and watched taxpayer dollars squandered on unproductive no-bid contracts. Rep. Nunes' legislation provides a clear, comprehensive roadmap that promotes environmentally-sound production of American-made energy while simultaneously offering a free-market approach to renewable energy investment that will secure the nation's energy future,” - Council for Citizens Against Government Waste.

The Nunes proposal would create a market-based auction of alternative energy grants funded by royalties from new fossil fuel production on areas presently off-limits to exploration and development. For more information on the proposal, go here.

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