North Beach tour buses are polluting nuisance 

North Beach neighborhood groups have been complaining for over a year to Supervisor David Chiu about these polluting tour buses that roar through the area. North Beach Neighbors had a meeting months ago and found out that many of these tour buses were imported from the United Kingdom when the U.K. outlawed polluting vehicles of that type. Most of these tour buses are not city-regulated, but have their headquarters out of San Francisco and have only minimal polluting and noise standards enforced by the California Highway Patrol.

North Beach Neighbors and Telegraph Hill Dwellers have repeatedly asked that these tour buses be restricted from residential neighborhoods. Many residential neighborhoods in San Francisco are off limits to tour buses. Why not the Marina and North Beach?

Unfortunately, Chiu said he believed in “peaceful co-existence” between polluting tour buses and North Beach residential neighborhoods and would not support a ban.

Fiona McGregor, San Francisco

Problems with Recology

Our Thursday garbage pickup by the Peninsula’s new Recology contractor collected both recycling and compost. But trash was not collected on one side of our block. Unused compost and prior trash have also not been collected.

I called Recology on Friday. My phone call was pleasantly handled and I was told that our block would be serviced over the weekend or Monday. On Monday, the garbage was finally picked up, but I still don’t know when our old trash bins will be removed.

B. Schwarz, Foster City

Health care reform tragedy

The Arizona shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords because of right-leaning health care reform that the Republicans and the tea party like to consider communist is such a tragedy. After all, it is practically a copy of the health care legislation put forward by Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican.

On the first reading of the health care reform legislation, the stock of the health care and pharmaceutical industry skyrocketed. The right is fueling the disinformation while secretly cheering for this giveaway to the health insurance industry that got us in the health care fix we are in.

Denise D’Anne, San Francisco

Damage already done

Much debate has been raised over the controversial Sarah Palin cross-hairs map featuring what clearly resembles gun sights over various congressional districts throughout America held by Democrats. SarahPAC, the Sarah Palin political action committee, used the cross-hairs map to target seats during the 2010 elections. Palin sent her condolences about the victims of the tragic shooting in Arizona, but the damage is done.

Ted Rudow III, Menlo Park

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