Noe Valley mail thief suspected of resuming doorstep pilfering 

Forget snow or rain, even probation apparently can't stop one man from stealing mail from doorsteps.

Andy Anduha, the 52-year-old Mission district man who became notorious last year as the "Bicycle Bandit" for habitually nabbing packages from Noe Valley homes, appears to be up to his old tricks after a similar arrest last week in another San Francisco neighborhood.

Police reportedly detained Anduha about 12:30 p.m. June 18 in connection with the theft of a package from a home on Hampshire Street near Cesar Chavez Street.

A resident in the area watched Anduha park his bicycle at a gas station, walk up the street, reach over a retaining wall and remove a package from the front porch of a home, according to the Ingleside Police Station. He was arrested shortly afterward at 24th and York streets and allegedly had the stolen package.

But even before last week's bust, there had been rumblings online that Anduha was at it again. In late May, an anonymous commenter wrote a warning on the blog Noe Valley SF that the "Bicycle Bandit" "may be back on his rounds."

"I saw him this morning on his bike checking doorsteps in Bernal," the commenter wrote.

There also was a warning from a Twitter user last week who reminded the public that Anduha has a stay-away order from Noe Valley.

Anduha's arrest in November became an international story after a fed-up Noe Valley woman set up a sting by leaving out a bait package, filming Anduha in the act of stealing it, then dousing him in bear spray. The vigilantism, which received both praise and criticism, helped lead to an arrest, as police easily spotted Anduha because the spray left him orange-colored.

In that case, Anduha ended up pleading guilty to second-degree burglary and was sentenced to a year in County Jail, three years of probation and mental health counseling. He was let out May 13 after serving nearly six months of the sentence, according to prosecutors.

If convicted of last week's burglary charge, Anduha will face up to three years in County Jail, Assistant District Attorney Alex Bastian said Monday.

Anduha, who remains in custody on no-bail status, is expected to appear in court Wednesday, Bastian said.

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