No tea party equivalent on the left 

Over at Slate Dave Weigel notes the Republican members of Congress aren’t encountering much in the way of angry constituents at town halls. This is in vivid contrast to tea partiers and others who protested the Obama Democrats’ policies at town halls and public meetings in 2009. One should note that there was some very loud—and violent and abusive—protest to Governor Scott Walker’s plans in Wisconsin. But organizing those protests was mostly the work of paid union staffers, not citizen volunteers, and the union folks were able to draw on street people/university town types who live in great numbers in Madison. The union folks, as Weigel notes, don’t seem to be sending people into town hall meetings.


My conclusion: there’s not nearly as large or articulate a constituency against the budget cuts the Republicans are proposing as there was and is against the Obama Democrats’ vast expansion of the size and scope of government.

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