No Senate Dem has voted for a budget, but 50 of them voted for Medicare rationing board 

As I recounted last night, the U.S. Senate held a series of four budget votes, and not a single Democrat voted in favor of a single budget plan. Even President Obama's budget went down unanimously, 0 to 97. Their strategy is to avoid supporting any ideas as long as possible, so they can continue to isolate and attack Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to reform Medicare. The problem? Back in December of 2009, 50 current Democratic Senators voted to create a board to ration Medicare.

The Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board was a key part of Obamacare, which all 60 Democrats voted for at the time, but 10 are no longer in the Senate. The board, known as IPAB, is to be comprised of 15 unelected experts who will make centralized decisions about how to spend Medicare money most efficiently. Obama has proposed strengthening the board as part of his response to the Ryan plan.

So as much as Senate Democrats want to portray themselves as guardians of Medicare, the reality is this: both sides have voted to make changes to Medicare to save money. Democrats voted to let a panel of 15 bureaucrats make decisions for 43 million Medicare beneficiaries. Republicans voted to give Medicare beneficiaries the money so that they can decide for themselves how best to spend it.

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