No return to city jobs while in retirement 

The DROP program reported in your Monday editorial is just part of The City’s double-dip retirement woes. Another exploited and abused program is the one for Proposition F workers. Like DROP, it lets retirees with knowledge that could be beneficial to younger employees come back to perform “knowledge transfer.”

This sounds like a good idea but has been overly abused. Prop F workers collect their pensions and in some cases Social Security. But now they also return to work part-time, mostly at their leisure, and they receive another salary minus the benefits. In almost all cases, this lets them make more than they did when working full-time.

It is absurd and unhelpful to other employees, especially in these difficult financial times when city workers could be laid off, or bumped to different departments and their pensions attacked. We should not allow anyone who has retired from The City to return except as a volunteer. If you want to continue working, just stay in your current position and don’t retire.

Louis Douglas, San Francisco

Not City Hall’s customer

Wednesday’s San Francisco Examiner article on cabbies being upset about paying for credit card machines quoted FMTA spokesman Paul Rose as saying, “We made this decision to benefit our customers.”

I’m sorry, whose customers? Last time I looked, the government has no customers. It only has employers who are all of us being taxed to pay for this overhead. When I get into a taxi’s backseat, I’m not Paul Rose’s or City Hall’s customer, I’m the customer of the poor slob who’s driving the cab and trying to eke out a living in the face of yet more costs and regulations imposed by petty bureaucrats.

This is more government presumption over who works for whom, who creates wealth and value, and who taxes it.

Cary Fulbright, San Francisco

Why support Palestine?

Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, which now partners with the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas, was not happy with the justice served to Osama bin Laden. “We condemn the assassination,” he declared, “and the killing of an Arab holy warrior.”

Just one question: Why is America still giving billions to a Palestinian government that proclaims Osama bin Laden a “holy warrior?”

Scott Abramson, San Mateo

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