NJ unions about to lose a huge battle 

Within hours -- possibly within minutes -- New Jersey's Democrat-controlled State Assembly will pass Gov. Chris Christie's bill to curb state workers' pension benefits and scale back collective bargaining privileges for the state's union bosses. The Star-Ledger's Tom Moran has a great column in which he highlights the unions' out-of control politics and out-of-touch message:

Even Thursday, when their doom was obvious, the unions didn’t seem to get it. At the rally, they sang songs about the working class and the rich, as if they were coal miners eeking out a meager wage, as if middle-class taxpayers were the greedy mine owners.

This is why the public employee unions are doomed to lose in New Jersey and elsewhere -- because they don't get it. They aren't peons hired by some unscrupulous industrialist for meager wages. They are paid by taxpayers, and they get more money and far more job security than most private sector workers. They are currently defending their right to cash out months' worth of unused sick days at retirement, and to contribute far less to their health care and pensions than most of the taxpayers who are paying their salaries.

Gov. Christie could probably say it himself: It's hard to sympathize when you see a fat man forced to lose weight.

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