Newsom: Wife, baby helped launch cell phone legislation 

Whenever Mayor Gavin Newsom mentions his wife and daughter in front of the media, cameras and microphones inch uncomfortably close to him – apparently awaiting earth-shattering news about the celebrity family.

Newsom has been rather secretive about his home life since the birth of his daughter. He has said wife Jennifer Seibel Newsom was none-too-pleased that the mayor announced the birth on Twitter.

But when it comes to pushing his policy du jour – this time, upcoming legislation to require labels on cell phones that reveal radiation levels  - Newsom seems willing to get a bit more personal.

“When Jen got pregnant, I started paying more attention to this,” Newsom said. “I found out that Europe was farther ahead than us. For me, knowledge is power.”

Newsom even warned one pregnant reporter to be careful about the potential effects of cell phone radiation on her baby.

“I use my cell phone every day…but I think it’s legitimate just to know the facts,” Newsom said, adding that staffers rushed to a list he provided to them detailing radiation levels of major cell phone brands.

Sadly, Newsom didn’t say much more about his family. When asked about being a new father, he said the usual “it’s tiring” comment, but nothing more.

So much for earth-shattering news.

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