Newsom tired of same old complaints about budget decisions 

Mayor Gavin Newsom said he doesn’t care to hear what the Board of Supervisors have to say about his $45 million mid-year cut proposal to offset The City’s current budget deficit.

The cuts will likely be scrutinized at the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee meeting Wednesday.

“That’s in my rearview mirror,” Newsom told reporters at an unrelated press conference. “Tomorrow’s challenges are much more significant. The things we did to get to the $45 [million] are modest compared to the things that were provided to me as alternatives. I assure you, behind them are more challenging things they will vehemently oppose.”

In not so many words, Newsom described the annual budget fight as an overly dramatic and predictable movie that seems to play on repeat. Cuts are proposed, everyone freaks out, and many times the same folks freaking out are the ones who vote in favor of them, Newsom said.

And not all the cuts turn out to be bad, he said. Sometimes government programs that don’t work need to get axed, he said.

Despite the “he said, she said” drama of difficult budget years, Newsom challenged reporters to look at past articles about cries over potentially devastating cuts and then find out if that devastation ever came to be.

“You’ll do this, and you’ll prove me wrong, which I expect, because it’s more interesting to prove me wrong,” he said. “But…did all [the prophecies of devastation] turn out to be the case? Were there cuts that were actually good cuts?”

Who knows? We may have to hit the rewind button on the old VCR.

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