Newsom sounds off again on Obama 

You’d think Mayor Gavin Newsom would have thought he’d said enough after lashing out at President Barack Obama during an interview last week with New York Times op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd.


Newsom, only hours before he was scheduled to attend meetings at the White House, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program Thursday morning and couldn’t get enough of pointing out Obama’s shortcomings.

“We came in with so much expectation about Barack Obama and his capacity,” Newsom said. “It’s frustrating to watch someone of his incredible capacity struggle right now.”

The mayor said he stands by what he said to Dowd about Obama’s stance on gay marriage. He also said the president is struggling to keep his “longterm view.”

When asked what the shelf life of a politician is today – a question that seemed directed at the mayor – Newsom again went off on Obama.

To be fair, Newsom did at one point say, “I admire him and I’m a strong supporter. I really mean that.” But Newsom followed that statement with a “but” and more not-so-glowing words about Obama.

Newsom did eventually address his own future in politics, which has been questioned due to his ramblings to the NY Times.  

Will he be a wine clerk, after all?

“Politics is timing,” Newsom said. “I love policy, so I hope I can stay engaged somehow.”

Political talk radio, maybe?

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