Newsom likes Bloomberg’s anti-salt idea 

Mayor Gavin Newsom does not like to be one-upped by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The mayor chatted briefly Tuesday about Bloomberg’s new health initiative to encourage the nation’s restaurant chains and food manufacturers to use less salt.

Newsom said he applauds Bloomberg for having the courage to do something about salt, but admits he was a bit jealous of the idea.

“Just because FOX was attacking [Bloomberg] as the nanny mayor and I thought, I can’t cede that position,” Newsom quipped.

Newsom says it appears evident the nation is overdosing on salt.

“It’s a legitimate issue,” he said. “David Kessler just wrote a wonderful book about this issue about how these big chain restaurants ... have become successful predominantly on the issues of salt and sugars and fats, how we’ve created a generation of obese people.”

“The issue of salt is a very serious issue,” Newsom said.

But don’t expect a salt fee or tax or whatever to come to San Francisco just yet, Newsom said.

“We’re just researching it,” Newsom said. “I don’t have any intention [of drafting salt legislation] at the moment, but I think [Bloomberg’s initiative] is an important public information campaign.”

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