New Yorkers to Spitzer: Go away, please 

Don't call it a comeback. At all.      (reuters photo)

Soooo: According to "Rough Justice," a new book written by Peter Elkind, an editor at Fortune magazine, former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer dropped about $100,000 on ladies as a client (#9) of the Emperor's Club. The New York Post got the exceprts:

Spitzer had several flings with an escort Elkind dubs "Angelina," who wasn't a fan of his approach. "It was very businesslike," Angelina told Elkind. "He was not one of those people who I would have said went out of their way to make me feel lovely and nice, like many did. It was very impersonal."

Cringe! Lately turning up with alarming regularity on the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC (where he recently sparred with the estimable J.P. Freire, also of this blog), Spitzer is apparently serious about making a political comeback. Pause. Why?

A new Marist Poll found little interest among his former constituency in seeing Spitzer return to public office, despite his very businesslike manner in all settings. Fifty-eight percent don't want him to run this year, and 48 percent believe his political career is over for good. We would like to have a very long talk with the other 52 percent.

The poll and the new book coincide with Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre's appearance on the April cover of Playboy, wearing only a bedsheet and a smile.

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Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018


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