New year, new wish list for San Franciscans 

click to enlarge An improvement in Muni's on-time performance is our top wish for 2012. - SF EXAMINER FILE PHOTO
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  • An improvement in Muni's on-time performance is our top wish for 2012.

We all have New Year’s resolutions, but for The City, we say 2012 is the year of dreams. As corny as it sounds, we have big possibilities: a newly elected mayor and his administration, a winning football team and a horde of sailors heading our way. Here’s a short but sweet list of what we want in 2012!

1. Muni improves on-time arrival performance. In the 2011 fiscal year, only 73 percent of Muni vehicles arrived on time — the worst performance since 2008. In 1999, Muni was mandated to achieve an 85 percent on-time performance standard, but the agency has never come close to that mark. Plus, we want the SFMTA to be profitable too!

2. Election reform! Repeal ranked-choice voting and implement true campaign-finance reform. We have a significant Board of Supervisors election in November, and ranked-choice voting only muddles the process for voters and often secures wins for candidates with questionable majorities (if even that). Following the catastrophe that was the mayor’s race — candidates running with the idea that RCV was helping their cause, and sucking up taxpayer dollars in form of public financing — reforms need to be made.

3. Last year, we lost our reigning title as the No. 1 city to visit in the United States to … Charleston, S.C. Holding the top spot for years in the Condé Nast Traveler magazine poll may have made us rest on our laurels, but we will be back in 2012!

4. Target in the Metreon stays on track to open in time for holiday shoppers. We are tired of the trek south to shop, plus our city needs the sales tax revenue. The plans for a second store on Geary in the Inner Richmond also need to bear fruit so that the downtown store isn’t the only game in town.

5. One duke-it-out, slam-down, all-out-brawl between Mayor Ed Lee and the Board of Supervisors. Yes, citizens of The City wanted civility, but we also crave political drama!

6. America’s Cup fundraising goals are met, and city taxpayers aren’t stuck with the tab. Better yet, we want the event to produce the promised revenue. Speaking of high-profile sporting events, the U.S. Open golf tournament will swing through The City in 2012, and we need to put on our best face for the golf community. (Hear that, Sharp Park haters? S.F. loves golf for 2012.)

7. Mid-Market revitalization will blossom after Twitter and other tech companies move into the area. The City has dumped enough money into the stretch without success, so we hope the little blue bird will give the downtrodden stretch the lift it deserves.

8. President Barack Obama saved us money with a payroll tax extension, which will let us take home more dough through 2012. So it would be horrible for Gov. Jerry Brown to turn around in 2012 and pick our pockets by pushing for a sales tax increase, as he has promised to do. Gov. Moonbeam is on another planet for thinking we need to hand over more of our hard-earned money to the dysfunctional state.

9-10. And of course, we want a Super Bowl championship and another World Series championship — both in 2012!

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