New revelations in Marina and the Diamonds’ ‘Froot’ 

click to enlarge Marina Diamandis addresses weighty issues on her latest recording. - COURTESY  PHOTO
  • Marina Diamandis addresses weighty issues on her latest recording.
She had a good two-year run. But Marina Diamandis eventually grew tired of the playful wigs and outrageous dresses of the alter ego she created for her 2012 sugar-pop experiment “Electra Heart” and its attendant world tour. Now she’s back to serious songwriting business with “Froot,” her new effort under her old moniker of Marina and the Diamonds. It opens with the delicate piano ballad “Happy,” in which she confesses, “All the sadness inside me melted away like I was free/ I found what I was looking for in myself.” Other carefully-considered musings follow, like “Gold,” “Savages” and “Immortal.” And her life has, indeed, changed for the better, she says.

You recently realized that you just weren’t happy. Did that have anything to do with your “Electra Heart” persona?

Well, that definitely complicated things, the “Electra Heart” thing. But actually, it wasn’t exactly a moment of saying “I’m not happy” – it was more when I actually started to feel happy that I realized that I had been unhappy, for 10 to 12 years. And that it wasn’t normal to wake up every day, completely unexcited about life. So yeah, it was quite a revelation for me. So I found that I could exist in a completely different way and not have inner turmoil every day.

Did you go into therapy to discover this?

No. I have had that in the past, when I was much younger. And most of it didn’t really do much for me. I think it was more just sorting out my own head over time. Because sometimes when you’re ready to move on from the struggle – and some of the things you have issues with – you’re just ready. And that’s it – there’s nothing more complex to it.

Where did your depression even start?

Funnily enough, I really don’t know. When you’re younger, things happen, and you’re still trying to figure out who you are. So I don’t think it had to do with how I processed events in my life. It’s more how you’re wired – that’s how I describe it. Because the best things in the world could happen to you, but you won’t enjoy them, if you’re viewing them in a certain way.

And now you’re discussing weighty topics, like in “Immortal.”

And I don’t want to be immortal, because no one is intended to live forever. Even someone like Madonna – in 2,000 years, will she still be remembered? For me, it’s not about being rich, financially – it’s more about amassing memories, because that’s wealth to me.

Did you keep a diary while you were going through these changes?

Oh, lord no! I can’t be bothered. That’s what songwriting is for!


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