New offices for Muni necessary, not fancy 

Your June 7 story, “Budget analyst not on board with SFMTA lease idea,” left readers the misleading idea that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency decided to lease a “fancy” new office building. This is simply not the case.

The proposal that was approved by the full Board of Supervisors on Tuesday was a lease to provide a secure and well-built facility for Muni’s transit operations center.

While the current facility is old and outdated, this proposal represents an operations center that is thoughtfully designed to provide resiliency and redundancy to critical functions to help our transit professionals make Muni’s operations run smoother and safer.

This kind of facility is what the public should expect of The City to make their transit system more reliable and durable.

Carter Rohan, Deputy Executive Director, SFMTA, San Francisco

Support schools, not train

California’s nonpartisan legislative analyst released a scathing report last month criticizing the California High-Speed Rail Authority.

The report castigated inadequate management, along with the authority’s 610 consultant contracts and 57 percent in escalating construction costs that resulted in a $100 billion price tag. The report also showed a faulty business plan and ridership projections, and the end of federal funding. The state’s high-speed rail project should be terminated, for now.

The legislative analyst warned that selling $9 billion in high-speed rail bonds will take money from other government needs, like education, water, infrastructure, parks, etc.

California State University complains that budget problems are forcing a “radical” 32 percent tuition increase. California teachers also held “state of emergency” picketing to highlight the thousands of teachers to be fired due to California’s crippling budget deficit.

I’ll support teachers and students, not the boondoggle of “California’s train to nowhere.”

Mike Brown, Burlingame

Peron article welcomed

Thank you for your June 2 article on the Dennis Peron prosecution, “Officers in child-porn raid may have credibility issues.”

Peron has long been an effective agent against state power and was a driving force in making cannabis legal under California law. Those who become effective opponents of the powerful almost always suffer character smears.

I have never met Dennis Peron and have no personal knowledge of the facts of his case. But from what I know of him, I would urge your readers to maintain a healthy skepticism about the allegations, especially in light of the questionable backgrounds of some investigating officers.

Jonathan Steigman, Mountain View

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