New CPMC hospitals should be applauded 

CPMC’s proposed plans to build two new hospitals at Van Ness Avenue and Geary Boulevard and St. Luke’s should be applauded by San Franciscans, not criticized. In the midst of the approvals process, we must not forget that our city relies on CPMC as a primary provider of culturally competent health care and services.

For instance, CPMC has been one of San Francisco’s strongest partners in our fight against Hepatitis B and has been instrumental in the San Francisco Hep B Free Campaign, providing free screenings for children, seniors and families in our community.

CPMC’s proposed plans are an investment that will improve The City’s health care access and services, and more importantly, will allow it to continue the great work it does for San Francisco.

Ted Fang, AsianWeek Foundation, San Francisco

Jobs sets an example

The plan that Steve Jobs has for expansion of Apple Inc. into an ultra-futuristic new headquarters is beyond words. This man has a vision for the company and innovation that is beyond the comprehension of the average person. His entrepreneurship and business skills are exactly what needs to be unleashed in America’s economy.

The government needs to stop spending, taxing and regulating and only then will we see growth in our economy.

Sharron Calundan, Hillsborough

Sad news for CCSF

I know I am not alone in my disappointment that City College will be cutting 800 classes this coming school year to cover budget deficits and the lack of sufficient funds from the state. (“City College dismisses classes,” June 2). I am an alumna of City College as well as San Francisco State University, and a great booster of my alma maters.

I can say that many of my instructors at each institution influenced my profession and my ideals over the years of my attendance. I financed my own education by working, as tuition was virtually free when I began. I am sure many of my fellow baby boomers did the same.

Sadly, The City’s current college students have a much greater burden in trying to earn their degrees in today’s financial climate.

Cheryl Willis, San Francisco

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