Nev. Senate Candidate Sharron Angle hit with ‘Christian Reconstructionist’ smear – again 

Writing at Slate today, Amanda Marcotte, a blogger who was once fired from John Edwards’ presidential campaign for attacking the Catholic church, is trying to smear Angle as somehow related to a bizarre Christian sect that believes in theocracy and the death penalty for gays. If you want sleazy guilt by association, here it is:

Any casual observer of the Christian right might feel puzzled. Since George Bush, candidates have mastered a certain innocuous way to send a shout-out to their religious brethren, referring more vaguely to “struggles” or a “relationship” with God—the standard stuff of the average American megachurch. But Angle’s way of talking picks up accents from another movement that is usually muzzled in American politics but occasionally finds voice in a Southern candidate or two. It’s called the Christian Reconstructionist movement and was started in the ’60s and ’70s by Calvinist theologian Rousas John Rushdoony. Indeed, Angle used to be a member of the Independent American Party, an offshoot of the Constitution Party, which was started by avowed Christian Reconstructionist Howard Philips.

Are you kidding me? “Picks up accents”? And if I’m reading that last sentence right, she’s thrice removed from someone who was a Christian Reconstructionist or something? Please. Sharron Angle is a Southern Baptist, which is the largest protestant denomination in the country. There’s nothing really outside the mainstream about that. I addressed many of the specifics of this Angle/Christian Reconstructionist smear previously, but the bottom line is that this is an almost non-existent bogeyman that lefty political operatives have trotted to attack everyone from Mike Huckabee to Ron Paul. Sharron Angle has said plenty of controversial things that would understandably be criticized. But she doesn’t deserve to have her religious beliefs baselessly attacked by someone like Marcotte with a well-established animosity toward religion.

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