NBA great Joe Dumars to run for governor of Michigan? 

There's talk that NBA great Joe Dumars may throw his hat in the ring as a Democrat running for governor of Michigan. As an Oregonian still stinging over Dumars' key role in the Detroit Pistons 1990 NBA championship over my beloved Trailblazers, I cannot condone this development.

Kidding aside, I consulted Jordan Gehrke, a rabid sports fan and veteran GOP consultant from Michigan, about what he thought of this development. Gehrke suggested -- only half-jokingly -- that the campaign against Dumars would center on his less-than-stellar performance as general manager of the Pistons. "Anyone who would take Darko over Dewayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony doesnt have the judgment to lead Michigan," he said. "Can Michigan really afford a Governor who would pay Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva a $100 million?"

However, Dumars is a multi-millionaire moderate Democrat who is well-liked by the business community. Gehrke concedes, "As a candidate, he'd be formidable as heck -- provided Democrats are smart enough to nominate him. I'm not sure they are. Remember this is the party that not that long ago, thought nominating Jack Kevorkian's lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger, to run for governor was a good idea."

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