National Popular Vote is a Democratic ploy 

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Assemblyman Jerry Hill’s bill awarding the Electoral College votes of California to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote of the United States. Proponents of the National Popular Vote movement say it would force the candidates to campaign vigorously in all 50 states, and Hill believes California would receive more attention then we’re getting now.

But if enough states join this effort and it becomes the way America elects presidents, the effect will be quite the opposite. States with relatively small populations will be ignored, as will most of California. Candidates will focus only on the major population centers and ignore everywhere else.

It is obvious why the Democrats favor this idea. Democrats consistently win the population centers on both coasts but fail to win most of the counties in between. If they only needed to focus on the two coasts and a few other major cities, that would be great for them.

Kerry Russell-Patterson, Pacifica

Garcia not just a singer

On page 4 of your Aug. 7 newspaper, next to a smiling picture of Jerry Garcia is a paragraph that reads “a celebration of the late Grateful Dead singer’s life will be held today.” Jerry Garcia was also the lead guitar player of the Grateful Dead, and one of the greatest electric guitar players of all time. He created a unique style of guitar playing that combined bluegrass and rock and roll, a major contribution to the famous San Francisco “sound” of the ’60s. His guitar playing changed my life and to refer to him as the “singer” just doesn’t do him justice.

Nathen Banne, San Francisco

Cargill project won’t work

I do not understand why Redwood City council members continue pushing for development of the Cargill Salt pond project. Evidence is presented by many sources, such as Port personnel and other Bay Area cities, that it is not a viable project. There is not a sufficient water supply for a complex of 12,000 homes plus retail and recreation.

I would ask the Redwood City council if their reasons for wanting this development have any connection to the concentrated-population agenda of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiative? Redwood City and the County of San Mateo are both members of ICLEI.

Leslie Tozzini, Redwood City

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