Natalie Portman’s ‘Black Swan’ stunt-double drama 

Many women would be psyched to have Natalie Portman’s face — but dancer Sarah Lane wasn’t pleased that the star’s head was grafted onto her body for some scenes in her Oscar-winning role in “Black Swan.” The dance double — credited as a stunt double — charged to Entertainment Weekly magazine that she was the one onscreen during most of the film’s complicated dance sequences.

“Of the full body shots, I would say 5 percent are Natalie,” the American Ballet Theatre performer contended. “I mean, from a professional dancer’s standpoint, she doesn’t look like a professional ballet dancer at all and she can’t dance in pointe shoes. And she can’t move her body. She’s very stiff.”

“They wanted to create this idea in people’s minds that Natalie was some kind of prodigy or so gifted in dance and really worked so hard to make herself a ballerina in a year and a half for the movie, basically because of the Oscar,” Sarah fumed. “It is demeaning to the profession and not just to me. I’ve been doing this for 22 years.”

But the film’s director, Darren Aronofsky, released a statement maintaining, “I had my editor count shots. There are 139 dance shots in the film. 111 are Natalie Portman untouched. 28 are her dance double Sarah Lane. If you do the math, that’s 80 percent Natalie Portman.”

Hold on there — we were told there would be no math in Scoop!

Blind Date

Jennifer Aniston recently had the blind date from hell — at least, according to In Touch magazine. An insider tells the tabloid that pals urged the former “Friends” star to date a “non-Hollywood guy” — so she ended up meeting an entertainment lawyer (which sounds pretty Hollywood to us, but whatever) at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood (ahem) on March 9, according to an eyewitness there.

First faux pas: He ordered before she even arrived. “It was supposed to be just drinks, but he ordered a full meal,” says the eyewitness, who somehow knew this.

“He kept on asking questions about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,” says the evidently nosy source. Then, “when the bill came, he wanted to know if they should split it!” relays the shocked source. A mortified Jen “paid the entire bill and left!”

Why do we suspect the “insider,” the “eyewitness,” and the blind date himself were actually In Touch reporters? Come on, no dude who wanted to score with Jen would lead off with Brangelina banter.

Family Affair

Khloe Kardashian has some words of warning for her sister Kim’s new beau, Kris Humphries. The reality star told People magazine that the New Jersey Nets player faces a major test in the formidable form of her mother, the coincidentally named Kris Jenner.

“I don’t think Kris knows what he’s getting into,” Khloé confided to People. “He hasn’t been around all of us yet. He hasn’t been to my mom’s house with the chaos, so the initiation process will happen this summer — if he lasts. If he can get out of that alive, then he’s good to stay.”

And her hubby, Lakers star Lamar Odom, is already ribbing Kim about her man’s flailing team.

“Lamar always teases Kim,” Khloé relayed. “Kim will be like, ‘Oh, my God, [the Nets] won their game.’ And Lamar will go, ‘Kim, remember this day. They’re not going to win [the NBA Championship].’ She thinks it’s funny.”

Wonder if Kris (her boyfriend, not her mom) thinks so too.

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